Thursday, March 12, 2009

A'hia Legal Bud

Try our Ahia Legal Bud!
Sometimes, half the fun of breaking out a can of legal bud is that first site of beautiful buds and the pleasant aroma that wafts out of the can. A'hia which means burning ember is a true tropical treat. If you like a bud that looks as great as it tastes, you can't go wrong with our Ahia Bud. Groomed from rich volcanic soil, you'll love every aspect of this connoisseur's smoking experience. With its bright color, rich aroma and unbelievable taste, there's no wonder this one is so popular.

Looking for New Legal Bud Accessories?
If you're looking for some great smoking accessories to go with your new can of Ahia legal bud, check out our special Free deal, where you can get a free cigarette chrome case, lighter, rolling machine and samples on orders of just $149 or more. Just add the special deal to your cart and it will arrive along with the rest of your order. Great bud, free goodies - who could ask for more?


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