Monday, March 9, 2009

Legal Weed Alternatives

Who Needs Legal Weed When You’ve Got Dro?
Finding high quality legal bud used to be a mission – often you’d get unpredictable results (or predictably disappointing results!) At International Oddities, those days are past; it’s easy to find a great smoke that you can count on. This is especially true of our beautifully golden Dro Buds. Featuring a complex, sweet taste, this one is sure to become a favorite alternative in the legal weed arena. Share it with your friends or keep it to yourself (who could blame you?) – however you choose to enjoy Dro, there’s no doubt that it will be a great experience every time.

International Oddities – For the Best Alternatives & Legal Weed
Once you break out the Dro to share with your friends, they’ll probably ask you where to find great legal weed. Tell them to check out the legal bud available at International Oddities; chances are they’ll never look back!


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