Monday, April 20, 2009

Blueberry Bud

One of the most popular of International Oddities' hybrid buds is blueberry bud. Available in the Shotgun 6 pack, you can rest assured that each smoke tastes as fresh as the first. With its fascinating color, delicious flavor and smooth smoking sensations, we think blueberry will soon become one of your favorite strains of legal bud.

Of course, we have plenty of other varieties to keep you happy, from A'hia Bud (our Hawaii hybrid or Hawaiian Bud) to Black Widow. With so many options to choose from, every smoke can be a new vibratory delight. You could even have a smoking party and let friends help you choose the best buds, blends, and smokes - or you could keep them to yourself and indulge in the secret sensation that is legal bud from International Oddities! Nearly 30 years in the making.


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