Thursday, April 16, 2009

Does Legal Bud Get You High?

It's a question we hear quite frequently at International Oddities, and of course we understand why. As a legal option our legal weed leaves many people wondering if this amazing legal bud is well.....really legal. That reaction is typical both before and after actually trying our High Quality smokes. However, we feel that the bigger question is the more important one - what kind of smoking experience can you expect? With the finest legal buds around, the legal bud from IO delivers an amazing experience, resplendent with exotic colors, rich aromas deep flavors, and very different "vibes" across the entire line. Your body may feel at peace for quite some time so don't rush it.
Besides, how each smoke affects you largely depends on the individual - what you take away from a puff on an IO cigarette is wholly unique...a little "celestial". Whether you take a puff, or sit down for a while and test out an entire cigarette of your favorite bud we find the most common reaction is shear amazement. There is nothing like the enjoyment of a genuine International Oddities smoke. The experience may even vary for you from one day to the next. Therein lies the magic - every time you light up, you're taking the first step on a new smoking journey. Enjoy!


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