Friday, April 3, 2009

Legal Herb

Why is Legal Herb Legal?
When an enquiry like this is asked, its easy to understand the reason for such curiosity. When it comes to the case of new hybrid aromatic plants used for smoking, one has to wonder why we are so programmed to be shocked at the modern herbal wonderments possible today. These modern hybrids are a far cry from the basil and oregano your mother used in her spaghetti sauce-just like generations of mothers who came before her did. The fact that so many incredible herbs are legal in their own right whether smoked or vaporized is a testament to the amazing accomplishments IO has achieved again and again. Their long history in the smoking industry removes any question to their legitimacy.

What remains acceptable without a second though is the utilization of any material, nutritional, topical, approved foodstuff, or drug. But Why? When touching poison ivy produces an allergic reaction in you, your brain is wired to avoid handling it in the future. Any aromatic plant/legal question is sometimes dealt with in an illogical knee jerk reaction due to conditioning just like the poison ivy example.... a reaction by rote but without thinking. Any food or drug issue of interest should of course be extensively queried in the FDA website. Most crucial is what effect does a drug, a medication, or talking on your cell phone for that matter have on you? Licorice tastes great. Consume it in quantities and it may have a laxative effect on you. This does not signify that it is detrimental. Thus the art of the grower working within mother natures rules and the law can stun the masses with this new herbal technology that one day will be as standard as any other legal herbs.


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