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Crystal Ball Bud    by    International Oddities

Crystal Ball 1/2 oz $35> Qty
          **** or Get all 6 in the Shotgun Six-pack for $139 ****
Other Shotgun Buds:
NE146 Bud
Skyscraper Bud Albino Rhino Bud Black Widow Bud Blueberry Bud
Gold Globe for International Oddities Payment Option Instructions
Weed Legal

Crystal Ball Bud

Crystal Ball bud is 1 of 6 New Hybrid Buds
by International Oddities

for even fresher buds.

Available in cool stores near You Worldwide!
Albino Rhino- NE146- Skyscraper-
Black Widow- Crystal Ball- Blueberry-

Save over $70 when you
Get all 6 in the Shotgun 6-pack

Please explore our site
to find out more about

Crystal Ball Bud and other
International Oddities products

Legal Buds


For larger quantities
Crystal Ball bud
please select

1/4 lb $129> Qty
1/2 lb $225> Qty
1 lb $420> Qty
Crystal Ball Bud also comes in a Peek-A-Bud Box, complete with rolling papers attached right to the side of the box, and a retractable rolling tray.

 1 Box $25> Qty

more info on Crystal Ball Bud Box
See into the future, and the future is Crystal Ball Bud. Predict how your day will unfold. If you're looking for a perfect relaxing afternoon smoke the choice is crystal clear. We're harvesting your field of dreams and presenting you with a hybrid of Mother Nature's gifts. The magical properties of herbs are re-awakening as herbalists discover old yet new foundations from which to build. Grown to exacting specifications, Crystal Ball Buds are sure to please the forward-looking smoker.
6 varieties of Legal bud including Crystal Ball Bud in shotgun tubes at International Oddities
New Canned
Legal Buds!

Krypto Bud - Highest Quality
Krypto Legal Buds - Highest Quality

Dro bud in a bag
Bag of Dro bud

A'hia Bud from Hawaii
A'hia Bud from Hawaii

Krypto Bud - Big Green Buds
Krypto Bud - Big Green Buds

Stunk Bud - a legal bud herbal bud classic
Stunk Bud - a Legal Herbal Bud Classic

Dro Bud 100% Legal
Dro Bud - 100% Legal

Get a pound of herbal bud
Get a pound
of Herbal Bud!

Skyscraper Bud by International Oddities
Skyscraper Legal Buds

Stunk Bud - The Stinkiest
Stunk Bud - The Stinkiest

Twice The Splice at Half The Price

Bahli Bubble Bud - Exotic Uplifting Smoke
Bahli Bubble Bud - Exotic Uplifting Smoke

Panama Gold Bud
Panama Gold Bud

Rasta Smoke
Legal Rasta Smoke

Sextacy Pills
Sextacy Pills

Dro Bud - It's Hydra-chronic!
Dro Bud - It's Hydra-chronic!

Bahli Bubble Closeup Pic
Bahli Bubble Bud

Panama Gold Bud - legal bud
Panama Gold Bud - It's Legal

Buy Hookahs
Buy Hookahs

A'hia Bud - Hawaiian Hybrid
Hawaiian Hybrid A'hia Bud



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