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EZ ORDER   at  International Oddities Smoke Shop

Dear Customer-
After processing Credit Card orders with a perfect A+ history for over 20 YEARS
Visa/MC decided our products were TOO CONTROVERSIAL to allow us to process any more.

* So We Are currently Shipping DAILY orders paid by Mail... PLUS-
We are including and EXTRA FREE $25 gift with your order for any inconvience


  Gold Globe for International Oddities Payment Option Instructions


Start Here
Choose smokes from anywhere sitewide, click ADD to cart, and Enjoy!
OR scroll DOWN where all products are listed in one place.and click ADD TO CART!

Or if you prefer...
Click here to print off order form
and mail it to us,

Or see**NOTE- on right >>

YES! all orders receive Extra Free $25 Gift Too- THANKS!!--

**NOTE- You can just write down on a piece of paper what products you want and mail us the order if you want to skip the whole shopping cart thing. Whichever is EZ for You!......................................

***Mail Cash/Money Order

To: International Oddities
2785 P.C.H. E-801
Torrance CA 90505

  Panama Gold Bud 1 Can 45.00
  Stunk 1 Can 45.00
  Bahli Bubble Bud 1 Can 45.00
  Krypto® Bud 1 Can 45.00
  Skyscraper Bud 1 Can 45.00
  A'hia Bud 1 Can 45.00
  Rasta Smoke 1 Can 45.00
Dro Bud 1 Can 45.00
  Wizard Smoke/Ultra 1 Can 45.00
  Can Special - Buy 3 Cans, Get 1 Can Free
save $45 - see Specials below
  Albino Rhino Bud 1/2 oz. 35.00
  Crystal Ball Bud 1/2 oz. 35.00
  Blueberry Bud 1/2 oz. 35.00
  NE146 Bud 1/2 oz. 35.00
  Black Widow Bud 1/2 oz. 35.00
  Skyscraper Bud 1/2 oz. 35.00
    Shotgun Tube Special - Get all 6 for the price of 4 - see Specials below  
  Dro Bud 1/2 oz. 35.00
  Panama Gold Bud 1/2 oz. 35.00
  Krypto® Bud 1/2 oz. 35.00
  A'hia Bud 1/2 oz. 35.00
  Wizard Smoke/Ultra 1/2 oz. 22.95
  O'Ream Smoke 1.5 oz. 19.95
  A'hia Bud 1 Box 25.00
  Dro Bud 1 Box 25.00
  Albino Rhino Bud 1 Box 25.00
  Krypto® Bud 1 Box 25.00
  Bahli Bubble Bud 1 Box 25.00
  NE146 Bud 1 Box 25.00
  Black Widow Bud 1 Box 25.00
  Panama Gold Bud 1 Box 25.00
  Blueberry Bud 1 Box 25.00
  Rasta Smoke 1 Box 25.00
  Crystal Ball Bud 1 Box 25.00
  Stunk Bud 1 Box 25.00
  Diablo Smoke 1 Box 25.00
  Wizard Smoke/Ultra 1 Box 25.00
  Iconoclast's Blend - Bold 1 Box 25.00
  Buy Any 3 Cans, Get 1 Free Buy any 3 Cans, and pick a 4th Can for FREE -
Pick 4 cans from the list at the right, then click the ADD button.

Please select 4 cans:
Krypto Bud    Panama Gold    Rasta Smoke    Bahli Bubble Bud    Dro    Stunk    A'hia Bud    Skyscraper Bud    Wizard Smoke
  Buy Any 5 Boxes, Get 1 Free Box of Bud Special - Buy any 5 Boxes, and pick a 6th Box for FREE -
Pick 6 boxes from the list at the right, then click the ADD button.

Please select 6 boxes:
A'hia Bud    Bahli Bubble Bud    Krypto Bud    Black Widow Bud    Crystal Ball Bud    Diablo Smoke    Albino Rhino    NE146 Bud
Dro    Panama Gold Bud    Rasta Smoke    Stunk    Blueberry Bud    Wizard Smoke    Iconoclast's Blend Bold
  Gotalite Special! 1/2 oz. Wizard Smoke/Ultra, 1/2 oz. Orig. Stashish, Thai Lopium Oil - 1 fluid oz., Rolling Machine, Herbal Black “O” sample

  Internet Special #1 Black Widow Bud, Skyscraper Bud, Stunk Box, Dro, Afganish, Wizard Smoke Box, Herbal Black "O" sample, Logo Lighter

  Internet Special #2 Black Widow Bud, Dro, Stunk Box, Afganish, Herbal Black “O” 1 oz, Logo Lighter

  Kryptonite Special 1/2 oz. Krypto, 1/4 oz. T-C-3, Blonde Stashish 1/8 oz., Logo Lighter

  Shotgun Six-Pack 1/2 oz. each of Black Widow, Skyscraper, Crystal Ball, Blueberry, Albino Rhino, NE146 Buds

  Smoke Ring Special 1 oz.Herbal Black "O", 1/2 oz. Panama Gold Bud, Logo Lighter

  Splice Special All 4 packs - Platinum, XXXX, Original & Green - 6 grms each 75.00
  Stanish Resin Oil/Lopium Oil Combo Pack - 1 fluid oz. of each

  The 4:20 Special Dro, Killer Stunk Box, Logo Lighter, Herbal Black “O” gram, Rolling Papers

  The Stash Pack 1/2 oz. of each: Red, Blonde, Original

  Triple Decker Black Widow Bud, Afganish 1/2 oz., Killer Stunk Box

  Stashish Original 1/2 oz. 30.00
  Stashish Blonde 1/2 oz.. 30.00
  Afganish 1/2 oz. 30.00
  Stashish Red 1/2 oz. 30.00
  O.P.N. 3 grm. 30.00
  O.P.N. 1/4 oz. 45.00
  T-C-3 1/4 oz. 28.00
  O.P.N. 1 oz.


  Herbal Black "O" 1 oz. 35.00
  Herbal Black "O" 1/4 LB. 129.00
  Herbal Black "O" 1/2 LB.


  Herbal Black "O" 1 LB. 420.00
  Splice Original 6 gr. 20.00
  Splice Platinum 6 gr. 25.00
  Splice Green 6 gr. 20.00
  Splice XXXX 6 gr. 25.00
  Shakespeare's Blend 1 oz. 18.00
  Rembrandt's Blend 1 oz. 18.00
  Van Gogh's Blend 1 oz. 18.00
  AntiGravity Mini Blunts 1 box 19.95
  Chrome Cig Case 1. 24.95
  Acapulco Bud 1 oz. 29.00
  Stanish Resin Oil 1 fluid oz 30.00
  Thai Lopium Oil 1 fluid oz 30.00
  Meltdown 1 bottle 25.00 Out of Stock   Super Hex Drops 1 bottle 25.00 Out of Stock
  Venus Butterfly Potion 4 oz. 14.95 Out of Stock   Alice's Secret 1 bottle 20.00 Out of Stock
  Erotic Sexual 
Pheremones (E.S.P.)
For Men to attract women

1 bottle 30.00 Out of Stock   Erotic Sexual 
Pheremones (E.S.P.)
For Women to attract men

1 bottle 30.00 Out of Stock
  International Oddities Lighter 1 19.95
  Krypto Liquid 1 bottle 25.00 Out of Stock
  Wizard Machine Pkg Deal 1 34.95
  Acrylic Herb Grinder 1 6.95 Out of Stock
  Ozium, Original Scent 3.5 oz 2 cans 19.95
  Ozium, .8 oz assorted scents 3 cans 19.95
  Krypto® Bud 1 LB. 420.00   Panama Gold Bud 1 LB. 420.00
  Dro Bud 1 LB. 420.00   Skyscraper Bud 1 LB. 420.00
  NE146 Bud 1 LB. 420.00   Black Widow Bud 1 LB 420.00
  Blueberry Bud 1 LB. 420.00   Albino Rhino Bud 1 LB. 420.00
  Bahli Bubble Bud 1 LB. 420.00   Crystal Ball Bud 1 LB. 420.00
  A'hia Bud 1 LB. 420.00   Wizard Smoke/Ultra 1 LB. 420.00
  Krypto Bud 1/2 LB. 225.00
  Panama Gold Bud 1/2 LB. 225.00
  Dro Bud 1/2 LB. 225.00
  Skyscraper Bud 1/2 LB. 225.00
  NE146 Bud 1/2 LB. 225.00
  Black Widow Bud 1/2 LB 225.00
  Blueberry Bud 1/2 LB. 225.00
  Albino Rhino Bud 1/2 LB. 225.00
  Bahli Bubble Bud 1/2 LB. 225.00
  Crystal Ball Bud 1/2 LB. 225.00
  A'hia Bud 1/2 LB. 225.00
  Wizard Smoke/Ultra 1/2 LB. 225.00
  Krypto Bud 1/4 LB. 129.00
  Panama Gold Bud 1/4 LB. 129.00
  Dro Bud 1/4 LB. 129.00
  Skyscraper Bud 1/4 LB. 129.00
  NE146 Bud 1/4 LB. 129.00
  Black Widow Bud 1/4 LB 129.00
  Blueberry Bud 1/4 LB. 129.00
  Albino Rhino Bud 1/4 LB. 129.00
  Bahli Bubble Bud 1/4 LB. 129.00
  Crystal Ball Bud 1/4 LB. 129.00
  A'hia Bud 1/4 LB. 129.00
  Wizard Smoke/Ultra 1/4 LB. 129.00
  A'hia Bud 1 Carton 125.00
  Dro Bud 1 Carton 125.00
  Albino Rhino Bud 1 Carton 125.00
  Krypto® Bud 1 Carton 125.00
  Bahli Bubble Bud 1 Carton 125.00
  NE146 Bud 1 Carton 125.00
  Black Widow Bud 1 Carton 125.00
  Panama Gold Bud 1 Carton 125.00
  Blueberry Bud 1 Carton 125.00
  Rasta Smoke 1 Carton 125.00
  Crystal Ball Bud 1 Carton 125.00
  Stunk Bud 1 Carton 125.00
  Diablo Smoke 1 Carton 125.00
  Wizard Smoke/Ultra 1 Carton 125.00
  Iconoclast's Blend - Bold 1 Carton 125.00


Dear Customer-
After processing Credit Card orders with a perfect A+ history for over 20 YEARS Visa/MC decided our products were TOO CONTROVERSIAL to allow us to process any more.

We Are currently Shipping DAILY orders paid by Mail...PLUS-

We are including and EXTRA FREE $25 gift with your order for any inconvience






INTERNATIONAL ORDERS:   Please see below.....


  USA Mail Orders:  

Cash and Money Orders are processed within 24 hours of when we receive your letter.
To order, write down the items you want on a piece of paper, or (click here for Printable Order Form). Be sure to include your name and address so we'll know where to send your order. Include your apartment number if you have one. An email address and or phone number is helpful if we have questions regarding your order or address, but not required.

Enclose cash, money order or check (U.S. dollars only). Include $10 standard mail or $30 U.S. express service.

*U.S. Personal checks: Make out to
International Oddities
and allow an extra 3-4 weeks delivery (check must clear both your bank and ours first). For faster service send cash, money order.

  International Mail Orders:  

Please include:

  • your name and full shipping address
  • your order written on a piece of paper (or click here for Printable order form)
  • your payment in US cash or bank check in U.S. funds
  • your email address in case we need to get ahold of you (write clearly).

Please include $30 shipping for out of the U.S.
There are no taxes or additional fees.

Payment can be: U.S. cash (U.S.Dollars) or International Bank Check (U.S. Dollars), or International Money Order (U.S. Dollars).

*International Money Orders, allow an extra 3-4 weeks delivery (payment must clear our bank first). For faster service send cash in US DOLLARS only.

International orders (as are all orders) are generally shipped same day as received, and can take from 5 days to 3 weeks on average to be delivered.


  You must be at least 18 years of age to order. We kindly thank you for your order!  
New Canned
Legal Buds!

Krypto Bud - Highest Quality
Krypto Legal Buds - Highest Quality

Dro bud in a bag
Bag of Dro bud

A'hia Bud from Hawaii
A'hia Bud from Hawaii

Krypto Bud - Big Green Buds
Krypto Bud - Big Green Buds

Stunk Bud - a legal bud herbal bud classic
Stunk Bud - a Legal Herbal Bud Classic

Dro Bud 100% Legal
Dro Bud - 100% Legal

Get a pound of herbal bud
Get a pound
of Herbal Bud!

Skyscraper Bud by International Oddities
Skyscraper Legal Buds

Stunk Bud - The Stinkiest
Stunk Bud - The Stinkiest

Twice The Splice at Half The Price

Bahli Bubble Bud - Exotic Uplifting Smoke
Bahli Bubble Bud - Exotic Uplifting Smoke

Panama Gold Bud
Panama Gold Bud

Rasta Smoke
Legal Rasta Smoke

Sextacy Pills
Sextacy Pills

Dro Bud - It's Hydra-chronic!
Dro Bud - It's Hydra-chronic!

Bahli Bubble Closeup Pic
Bahli Bubble Bud

Panama Gold Bud - legal bud
Panama Gold Bud - It's Legal

Buy Hookahs
Buy Hookahs

A'hia Bud - Hawaiian Hybrid
Hawaiian Hybrid A'hia Bud



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